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Hi! We are Flien Groeneveld and Simone Bosveld and we are the founders of TREND&: a young start-up driven by TU Delft students. At TREND&, we are dedicated to solve contemporary business problems using a (strategic) design mindset, the principles of design thinking and our expertise in graphic design. Because we are young, we are at the forefront when it comes to the latest trends, such as the use of AI and sustainable innovations. We set ourselves apart by applying the latest technologies to our way of design thinking. Together, we want to create impactful solutions for the future by combining strategy and design!

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Strategic design consulting

We offer strategic advice on various business problems by using a range of (strategic) design thinking methodologies.

Graphic Design

We love content creation. Logos, (hand-drawn) illustrations, flyers, postcards, menus, posters, reports, infographics, presentation slides. You name it.

AI consulting & workshops

We provide strategic guidance to businesses on the utilization of (open) AI. We are on the bridge between technological solutions and its users.

Marketing / Branding

We excel in creating compelling branding strategies. From brand identity optimization to social media marketing, B2B&B2C marketing, website management and online to offline campaigns.

Video editing & shooting

We create fun, informative and compelling videos. We also shoot live on location. Take a look on our Instagram and contact us for this specific portfolio.

Website development

We design and build (front and back-end) websites in code and various other programs. Contact us to discuss your specific wish.

Our Superpowers

Contact us for more specific information about our superpowers.

We use different design thinking methodologies to shape our strategies. By immersing ourselves in the needs and experiences of our clients and their target audience, we gain deep insights to come up with user-centric ideas. Ask us about specific cases where we applied this framework (like our project for

Our generation is immersed in the digital age, and therefore we stay on top of the new (tech) trends. For example, for promoting the ASMR show the 'Satisfactory' of Theater de Veste, we opted for an appropriate marketing strategy: creating Instagram reels using ASMR TikTok creators to reach this specific target group (and their followers).

We combine our strategic design, branding and technology skills to create customer-centric, future-focused and creative strategies. The last months our focus has been centered around the (ethical) application of (gen) AI.

What did we do?

Our projects

Some of the projects we have completed in the past year are displayed below. Take a look at our Instagram page
to see all the projects we've had the pleasure of working on or send us an e-mail to receive our full portfolio.

Fokker Services

We did a large on-side project for Fokker Services with the goal to implement the Design Thinking theory in a practical and recognizable manner in their daily process. This way the PDI process can be made more customer-centric, innovative and sustainable.

UMC Utrecht

For UMC, we developed an interactive and educational course manual, tailored to the specific needs of the nurses. By continuous co-creation with the client, we gained insights into the nurse's healthcare journey, enabling us to create a clear and user-friendly guide.

TechniekMatch is a Delft start-up that matches ambitious technical students to projects in the installation sector to contribute to the energy transition. We not only designed the logo for them, but also the entire corporate identity, website banners, Instagram formats and hand-drawn infographics.

Café de Oude Jan

Cafe de Oude Jan approached us to help them market their new event: the OJ Berlin Biertuin! With the Berlin graffiti style in mind, we started designing the logo and some recurring graphics. We loved to add a cool, refreshing, youthful touch to the housestyle, while still keeping some of Oude Jan's old brand characteristics. For instance, we kept using their signature (dark) red color as well as their iconic logo and combined this with aspects of (Berlin) street art.

Van der Veen Detacheringen

Van der Veen Detacheringen (a secondment agency) came to us with the request for a new logo and brand identity. The company was just about to be launched and needed a brand new house style and logo. The logo had to express professionalism, but also friendliness and warmth. We are very happy that we were able to set up a beautiful logo within a few weeks.

To help reach more young people, we came up with 'NUaanjou': an interactive (video)concept that not only enables users to develop knowledge and build a habit in a fun way, but also to compete with each other. 'NUaanjou' was chosen as the best concept by out of 16 other projects and is currently implemented it their own strategies (TU Delft final bachelor project).

Theater de Veste

Our reoccurring client Theater de Veste approached us for a new project: promoting theater show Satisfactory. This is a creative theater show focused on the concept of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Since ASMR is a well-known phenomenon on the TikTok platform, we opted for an appropriate marketing strategy: creating videos using ASMR TikTok creators to reach this specific target group. We created a diverse set of Instagram posts in the style of the intriguing Satisfactory trailer next to an Instagram Reel.

De Kleine Consultant

One of our most established clients is De Kleine Consultant. Once we started designing a brand new brand style that is now implemented by all DKC branches. In addition, we still regularly design Instagram posts, flyers and posters.

WestWood Den Haag

For Club WestWood, it was our responsibility to come up with a branding/marketing strategy for Westwood festival: a hot, sexy experience for all. At Trend&, we took the festival experience to the next level by embracing the theme of 'Spice. it. Up.' With our pepper symbol leading the way, our branding captures the essence of energetic expression. Each element, from the visuals to the messaging, is meticulously crafted to reflect the vibrant spirit of the festival.

Take a look at our Dutchess Capital aftermovie!

Who are we?


The faces behind TREND&! Our strength lies in working together.
Together we bring different disciplines/backgrounds, insights and talents together to achieve the best result.

Simone Bosveld

Founder | Head of Design

Flien Groeneveld

Founder | Head of Strategy











What they said


De Kleine Consultant


‘The energy of TREND& can be seen in the posts they make, but you can definitely also feel it in the collaboration. The results of this company are always spot on because they respond quickly, respond to the trends of nowadays and like to think along about a strategy. Also, they are great at creating a custom made style that suits your organization!'

Henry Tang, Turff

‘I have come to know Flien as very ambitious, driven and creative. She comes up with out of the box ideas both within and beyond her expertise.'

Dutchess Capital


‘At Dutchess Capital we have had a great experience with TREND&. Their designs are finished quickly and they are willing to make adjustments until the design is perfect, resulting in amazing videos. We are already looking forward to the next collaboration!’



‘It was a pleasure working with @trend.nd ! 🔥 Their design team has an incredible drive and a ton of creative talent, ensuring that our company looks and feels exactly as it should. Many thanks and applause to them! 👏’

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